Panthers Hit Field For OTA's and Twitter Explodes Over Kelvin Benjamin

There has been a lot of scrutiny thrown Kelvin Benjamin's way the last couple months. The Panthers former first round pick showed up overweight once again this off-season, something he also struggled with in college.

But with the Panthers hitting the field for the first time in OTA's today, the internet finally got a first glance of Benjamin running a route and people had plenty to comment on.

Look, most have been pretty critical on Benjamin's inconsistency and more so on his problematic weight issue this off-season. Especially following an ACL tear. It is only the first day of OTA's (in the rain), but no, it didn't look good. We will stay tuned to see more in the coming weeks. Coaching staff's recent words seemed to have built up Benjamin's hard work since showing up big, but they fell on deaf fans ears after this tweet regardless of if he was taking it easy or not. 

Written By Tripp Morgan

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