Luke Kuechly Is 'Done' Talking About Concussions and is 'Excited About This Year'

Luke Kuechly probably feels like he's had another concussion after being beat with concussion related questions dating back to last season. He's missed nine game games in two seasons over it. Six of which he was actually in the concussion protocol. The others last year were after he was cleared and mainly precautionary due to the teams playoff chances and risk of other injury.  

“Everybody knows I want to play,” Kuechly told David Newton of “Everybody knows the decision was made by the coaches so hopefully we can move on from that and not ask any more questions about concussions because I'm done with that. I'm excited for this year. Coach Rivera and Mr. Gettleman are always worried about our guys and their safety, so hopefully, we don't have to worry about that this year."

Kuechly's recent concussion during a prime-time game last season was certainly scary. Video, pictures, and support flooded social media pages. He also missed three in 2015 after suffering his first concussion in the season opener against Jacksonville, so it's hard to say if the second one was as bad as it looked compared to the first. 

Kuechly repeatedly said in the weeks after last season's concussion he was feeling good. He had been watching film and doing everything but contact at practice. You will recall Michael Oher didn't go to the film room or practice fields due to reported "light sensitivity." Not to mention he's still technically in the concussion protocol.

Don't worry, Luke, we all hope you are done talking about concussions too.

Written By Tripp Morgan

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Article Thumbnail photo by Jesse Fraetis