Shaq Thompson Doesn't Pass on the Mayo

Shaq Thompson doesn't pass on Mayo, and neither do I. Seriously, who can resist writing a headline with a condiment joke in it? A better man or woman than I at least! 

Charlotte Observer's Jourdan Rodrigue caught up with linebacker Shaq Thompson after practice and asked him about fellow linebacker David Mayo, who many expect to take on a larger supportive role now that AJ Klein is with the Saints. Thompson's response was epic:

Mayo, who was drafted in 2015, has played primarily special teams. Although his role has been limited, he has been effective when given the chance. You'll see him making plays on special teams and he has played well in the preseason (15 tackles).

Many have forgotten about Mayo, which most hardly ever knew in the first place. The player who once lived in a shed in someone's backyard for a year before playing at Texas State went overlooked in the draft by most and still remains overlooked by many fans. Mayo, who is the now white linebacker not named Luke Kuechley, has many wondering if he will step into the role that Klein played for the Panthers last year. I'm not sure what role he will play, but like Shaq, it's clear, Miracle Whip is no substitute for Mayo! 

By Tony Dunn
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