Patriots Celebrate Historic Super Bowl Comeback and Atlanta Weeps

Getting to the Super Bowl is an awesome feat. Losing the Super Bowl sucks. Believe you me, Panthers fans get it. 2015 was a magical ride that ended in disappointment, such that our star quarterback simply couldn't hide. The Panthers 2004 loss to the Patriots, after scoring three fourth-quarter touchdowns only to lose to an Adam Vinitari kick that was made inevitable by a John Kasey out-of-bounds kickoff was devastating. The aroma of victory makes the taste of defeat that much bitter for sure.

Atlanta Falcons fans know that bitterness well. After losing to the Patriots after nearing the fourth quarter up 28-3, I can imagine it is a bitter pill to swallow--and that makes me happy really. I'm not sorry about it either. The Falcons are my most hated NFL team. Like the Panthers, they haven't hoisted the Super Bowl trophy yet, and it is nauseating to think of them winning the title before the Panthers. So while Falcons fans cried as that victory slipped through their hands, I celebrated. 

The Patriots are continuing their celebration of that historic comeback in their Super Bowl rings, which they announced will have 283 diamonds to commemorate their late-game comeback against the Falcons. While the Patriots celebrate, Falcons fans weep....and it doesn't make me sad either. Call me petty. Call me classless. You can also call me a Panthers fan. 

Here's some of my favorite salt in the wound: