Panthers Mini-Camp Gets Scrappy and Yappy as Always

After Captain Munnerlyn ran into Derek Anderson harder, more intentionally, or at least more than the redshirt liked, DA and Cap exchanged some words. After, Anderson stated that he wasn't going to let the defense push the offense around every day. 

These scrums happen frequently and serve to remind just how competitive these guys are even when running practice drills. This wasn't something that just budded out of nowhere. James Bradberry said that Cam was yapping before practice which lit a little extra fire. The verbal banter continued as Cam and TD jawed, in what is become a practice norm. When James Bradberry nearly intercepted a pass, the animated Cam Newton yelled, "Oh my God," from the sidelines.

Honestly, it's exciting to her of this intensity in mini-camp. Hearing veterans like Cam and TD vocalize their excitement and show off their enthusiasm is fueling other guys like James Bradberry who are still somewhat new to the game. 

By Tony Dunn
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