Jason Peter Comes Clean About Panther Career in Tell-All Interview [audio]

Jason Peter, 3-time National Champion, Carolina's #1 draft pick in 1998, and New York Times best-selling author struggled with injury and adversity while a Carolina Panther. Career ending neck injuries took their toll causing some to label him as a bust. His struggles resulted in a crack and heroin addiction that nearly killed him and devastated his friends and family.

In his first extensive interview with Charlotte related media, Peter spoke with Carolina Cat Chronicles for an hour and a half about his career,  his injuries, his relationship with the media, and his struggle with addiction. "It was good to talk" and "get some things off your chest," Peter confessed.

Part of Carolina Cat Chronicles' "Where's that Cat Now?" series, Peter's interview is unfiltered and a revelation about challenges that athletes face which we often never hear about. The interview goes into detail about the career and man portrayed in Hero of the Underground: A Memoir, a raw and sobering look into football, injury, addiction, and recovery.

"Where's That Cat Now?" is a human interest series that celebrates past Panther players' careers and lives, looking past football to see where they and what they are doing at this point in their lives.  It's a human interest series that hopes to get an insider's look into past locker rooms, to play on the field, and most interestingly life outside of football.

By Tony Dunn