Picking Boogers: Cam Newton Continues to Reveal People's Lunacy

It's that time of year where a member of the national media singles out Cam Newton as an overrated player who isn't a leader in the locker room, and even worse a problem in that locker room. Many of the usual suspects have moved on to guys like Blake Bortles or Carson Weintz. This year, the hot-take came from an unsuspecting foe--Booger McFarland. Maybe we shouldn't be so surprised given McFarland is a former Tampa Bay Buccaneer and LSU Tiger. 

McFarland has gotten a lot of face time on ESPN as of late filling in on Mike and Mike.  He's obviously trying to generate attention in hopes to take advantage of an ESPN that has gotten rid of many of its long-time anchors.

Earlier this week, McFarland tweeted:

It's the standard Cam hate.  What is really surprising is that just one year ago, McFarland described Cam as one of the best young leaders in the NFL. He said in response to Panther fan outrage and several media members contradicting his new position that things could change in a year and a half.

As the point-man of the Cam Newton secret service team, I'm picking this Booger and flicking it! This is just sloppy national media talk, which we shouldn't qualify as journalism. Booger has talked to "some people." Who are these people, Boog? Are they players and within the organization? I call bullshit. Tracking down some guy on Mint St or a former player who romanticizes the football world doesn't give us any real insight into the Panthers locker room.  

Several members of the local media and Jonathan Jones, who was formerly with the Charlotte News and Observer and now with SI, all contradict Booger's take.  Thomas Davis, Carolina's leader simply because how could he not given his history with the team, called it out best--FAKE NEWS!  

Does Cam have some diva in him? Sure. Is he still growing and maturing as a player and a leader? Definitely. Is he disliked by the players and does he shrink from being the team's leader? Hell no! This guy puts this team on his back every week and fights just as hard as one of the big fellas in the trenches.  

Booger has simply joined the ranks of the media covfoffe, to the likes of Boomer Esiason, Terry Bradshaw, Colin Cowherd, Skip Bayless, and Scott Kacsmar.  I'm used to these adversaries, and just know I'm sharpening my Twitter sword and ready to defend what everyone soon will be reminded...#1 is truly #1. 

By Tony Dunn
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