Injury Update: Cam Newton Starts Light Throwing

Cam Newton

When I say light, I mean light. Cam Newton threw the football today for the firs time since he had the rotator cuff in his throwing shoulder repaired. According to, Newton threw the ball 45 times to trainer Ryan Vermillion. It took place in the locker room and he didn't throw the ball but a distance of 25 feet, but nonetheless, we are all interested in Newton's progress.

Cam tore his rotator cuff late in the season. It looked as if the shoulder had been bothering him for some time, but crash to the turf against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers caused the injury to be noticeable. Newton tried rehabbing the shoulder first before opting for surgery weeks after the season ended. Many wondered why Cam didn't immediately have the injury repaired given the team's struggles. It was even more perplexing that Newton waited until March 30th to have the surgery. 

When Newton was asked about the delayed surgery, he stated, "Some of it was stubbornness....."I figured it would heal on its own. I was trying to get the proper treatment, overtreatment. Get it stretched, get a massage, get the ice, stem, everything. Over time I was like, 'You know what? It's just not getting better.'

Today helps to allay some concerns about Newton's recovery for the 2017 season. All signs suggest Cam is progressing well. He hasn't been overly ginger with it anyway, whether it is flipping off the side of a boat in Cabo, playing kickball, or riding ATVs with his buddies. Newton described his progress today, stating, "When I say it's not 100 percent, I'm noting the range of motion part," Newton said. "Like if you sleep with your legs hanging off your bed the whole night, you're going to wake up and be super stiff. Or like sitting on your hands, or sitting in an awkward position and finally getting up and moving – that's how I feel."

While everyone is worried about when Cam will come back, I think it may time to stat worrying that Cam will come back like Henry Rowengartner--with that shoulder tuned tightly and those wide receivers fingers getting blown off! 

By Tony Dunn
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