Former Players Are Talking About Gettleman's Firing

There's been more talk from past players about Dave Gettleman than most GMs. It says something given these guys are generally careful in order to not warn off any suitors. Here's some reactions from former players who may hold Gettleman in the highest regard.

Jordan Gross retired early citing Dave Gettleman's handling of the contract as his reasoning. He's off the grid it appears, but he doesn't work with the Panther media anymore as far as I know. 

Jon Beason was traded soon after Gettleman's arrival. Today, he remarked about the way he parted ways with the organization, stating, "But for me, it kinda came full circle," he said. "The way that the trade went down between the Giants and the Panthers when I moved on from the Carolina Panthers, it was done in a way that wasn't classy. I didn't want to be the disgruntled player who's saying this, saying that because he was traded. But at the end of the day, you're a first-round pick, you played extremely well for an organization, you're one of the key guys on the team, a new GM comes in and doesn't even give you a handshake on your way out the door."

Listen to the full interview below:

Steve Smith was the most controversial of Dave Gettleman's decisions, and one that many have said did not sit well with Jerry Richardson. It clearly didn't sit well with Smitty, who has been waiting to press send on this tweet for a minute.

Then came DeAngelo Williams, which at first looked as if Gettleman had learned to better handle a long-term vet who had deep ties to the organization. Williams held on to it for a moment, or maybe Gettleman got ahead of it, but it didn't take long for Williams to start firing back at Gettleman and the Panthers. Today, he took the team off his hitlist, indicating it was really Gettleman who was the problem. 

Carolina went 15-1 in the 2015 regular season the next year and made a Super Bowl appearance. All was forgiven and forgotten by Panthers fans when it came to Gettleman's turbulent first two years. He seemed to have the master plan until he butted heads with Josh Norman's agent and rescinded the franchise tag. The move left the Panthers secondary in shambles and then forced them to draft three corners, back-to-back-to-back in the 2016 draft. The team stumbled and fumbled through the most severe of Super Bowl hangovers.  Josh Norman is still keeping an eye on the situation from Washington.

Back-peddling from the Norman debacle, Gettleman cut Bene' Benwikere after Julio Jones torched the Panthers secondary to the tune of 300-yds. Benwikere was coming off a major leg injury and was tasked playing the league's best wideout. He didn't have any help either. The move looked like Gettleman needed a scapegoat, while removing some of the blame from his newly drafted corners.

We found a Gettleman supporter. Colin Cole appreciated the second opportunity given to him by Gettleman.

Philly Brown was friendly on Twitter, stating, "before y'all start making stuff up this has nothing to do with my guy Getelmen." He has his account locked to prevent retweets, but I'm thinking he won't mind me quoting him here. 

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By Tony Dunn
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