Trai Turner's 4-yr $45 Extension Makes Him League's Second Highest Paid Right Guard

The early details of Trai Turner's 4-yr contract extension are just hitting the public. Adam Schefter reports that Turner's deal is for 45 million with 20 million guaranteed. He will average 11.25 million per year, making him the second highest paid right guard in the league. Cleveland's Kevin Zeitler signed a 5-yr $60 million dollar contract with 23 million guaranteed in March. 

Kevin Zeitler Contract Details

This looks to be a good deal for both parties. Turner wasn't going to come cheap and the deal falls closely in line with the market price for the position. Last year, Kyle Long signed a 4-yr 40 million dollar deal with 30 million guaranteed, which included a 7.5 million signing bonus. It's an average of 10 million a year. Contracts go up, so getting Turner between Long's number and Zeitler seems reasonable.

Turner is only 24 too.  Carolina got a young proven player and kept him around.  Zeitler is 27 years old and Long is 28. A two-time Pro Bowler who is just 24 wasn't bound to come cheap. This didn't set any records though either. 

By Tony Dunn
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