Predictions and Statistics for the Final Roster: Quarterbacks

In this series, I will predict the final 53-man roster and a rough estimate of the statistics each player will produce. Though it is impossible to predict either of these two areas at this point of the offseason, this will loosely gauge what kind of impact you can expect each player to make this upcoming season.


Who Makes the Cut? (3)

Cam Newton: This one goes without saying, he's the face of the franchise, and poised for a big season with all the new offseason additions. 

Derek Anderson: Though Anderson’s spot duties as a signal caller didn't go as well as years past, he is still the primary backup in case Newton were to miss time.

Joe Webb: Dave Gettleman has kept three quarterbacks on the roster every year minus his inaugural season. Though young journeyman Garrett Gilbert has impressed in offseason activities thus far, Webb’s special teams ability and flexibility keep him on the roster once again.


What are the Stats?

Cam Newton: 

Attempts: 490

Completions: 297

Comp Pct: 60.6%

Passing Yards: 3,775

Passing TDs: 31

Interceptions: 12

Rushing Yards: 525

Yards Per Carry: 4.5

Rushing TDs: 7

After an early adjustment period in a revamped offense, Cam settles down and has one of the most efficient years of his career. Though the yardage remains average, expect the number of scores through the air to rival his MVP season. The additions of McCaffery, Samuel, and Shepard open up the short to intermediate passing game and allow Newton to post the second highest completion percentage of his career.


Derek Anderson:

Attempts: 11

Completions: 7

Comp Pct: 63.6%

Passing Yards: 57

Passing TDs: 0


Rushing Yards: 5

Yards Per Carry: 2.5

Rushing TDs: 0

Nothing to see here other than a few relief stats for the long time backup.


Joe Webb:

Passing Statistics: (N/A)

Kick Returns: 2

Return Yards: 41

Yards Per Return: 20.5

Tackles: 6

You can expect Webb’s statistics to be on par with his previous seasons in Carolina with a slight decrease in kick returns due to the new offseason additions.


By Grant Hughes

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