Fantasy Football At A Different Level

This is year four of the C3 Fantasy Football League.  Four divisions of 12 teams battle it out throughout the season.  Each week there are Panther prizes given out for random contests. Every team is a Panthers fan and every week is a blast.  Next week (Tuesday, August 22) is the draft order selection show.  We will be giving a way a Luke Kuechley jersey and other cool Panthers swag.  This is my favorite of the three fantasy leagues that I play in and there are several reasons why.  If you are unfamiliar with this league, watch this short video on how it works.

For starters every team name is hilarious.  We’ve had team names like One Flew Over The Kuechley’s Nest, and Here’s My Number Kalil Me Maybe.  Playing with 47 other rabid Panther fans is just awesome.  During the order selection show, we are also unveiling each team name. This may be my favorite show of the year.  Tune in here to watch yourselves.  Hit the subscribe button and you’ll be notified each time we go on the air.

I also love this league because it costs just $42 and you get a T shirt, entry into a raffle for a jersey on the order selection show and a chance to win $300 plus a Christian McCaffrey jersey.  Didn’t get in the league this year?  You can still get your shirt here.

And the biggest reason that I love this league is the community that it builds.  The C3 website and show is all about building a stronger Panther Nation community.  48 enthusiastic fans battling it out all year long is like no other league out there.  

Now I’m sorry but there are no spots left in the league this year.  We sold out in five days.  Next year we may expand things, but you have to act fast to get in on the action.  But for the forty-seven other C3FF Ballers, it is going to be a great year.  Be involved n the banter.  Watch our podcast each week as we give weekly updates and good luck.  I hope you all come in second place.  


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Mel Mayock

AKA @Panthersdrafter