Panther’s Terminology, You Better Know It!


KATBoom!: When the Kitty Kats “Drop the Bomb on the Competition”

LitterBoxed: When the Kitty Kats make litter boxes out of the competition’s Stadiums

CATma: Similar to dogma, the absolute belief in the Panthers superiority. 

Flee Collar: A collar placed on the Panther’s competition prior to the start of the game. It is an attempt to prevent the opponent from fleeing the game before its completion. Highly ineffective, it appears that the complete embarrassment delivered on the field is more painful than the 12,000 volts delivered by the Flee Collar. 

CATnap: When an opponent is on the field of play and fully realizes what he must endure competing against the Panthers. The brain will become overwhelmed and reboot. The brain will reboot continuously until the player is removed from the field. When a player is in the rebooting process, it is affectionally referred to as a Catnap. 

CATapult: When the opponent is launched from contender to irrelevancy within a single game with the Panthers. 

TS&K: Second only to Peanut Butter Jelly (PB&J) when it comes to a sheer satisfaction. Thomas Davis and Kuechly on the field at the same time. Add a little Shaq to that and your eyes will roll back in your head, your pant’s legs will roll up and down like a window shade and your toes will curl up…it is ecstasy.

By Michael Williams