Patriots Release Kony Ealy

The "Blue Goose" is feeling blue today. The Patriots released Kony Ealy after trading for him just prior to the 2017 NFL Draft. Ealy, who is entering his fourth season, fizzled out quickly in Carolina after one of the best Super Bowl performances in history. 

Signs that Ealy had trouble acclimating to the demands of the pros showed early in Carolina when Ealy found himself in Coach Rivera's doghouse in his rookie training camp. Ealy was given the starting position in his third season and by week five he was moved to a rotational capacity. 

When the Patriots traded for Ealy, many believed he was a player who Bill Belichek could get back on track. In just moments, Ealy clashed with Belichick.

Ealy has the talent to play in the pros. He showed that in the Super Bowl. What he has yet to show, however, is if he has the determination, focus, and professionalism to last.

By Tony Dunn
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