Byrd Flies High in Panthers Preseason Debut

It's no secret we've been fans of Damiere Byrd here at Carolina Cat Chronicles. He really should have made the team last year. Tonight, Byrd showed he belongs in the NFL and on the Panthers roster when he hauled in two two downs on four catches for 98 yards. He torched a defender on a post route for a 50-yard touchdown and showed some red zone savvy catching his second touchdown laterally across the back of the end zone. Byrdso showed he could be a solid option as a punt returner.

When Byrd came into the league two years ago, he was fast as lightning, but he only weighed 175 pounds soaking wet. Byrd put on 11 pounds in the 2016 offseason. Despite another good preseason and the added weight, Byrd didn't find a roster spot, greatly because Ted Ginn, Jr. was a more experienced speed guy who was also a reliable punt returner. With Ted Ginn Jr now in New Orleans, Carolina is looking for a new deep threat, and Byrd looked to show that he could be that guy tonight.

Byrd has really made the most of every opportunity he has been given. Go back and watch what he did in the preseason for the past two years, it's nothing to sneeze at. Tonight, Byrd went out and seized another opportunity. There isn't really much more you can ask a guy who is fighting for a roster spot to do than Byrd did tonight, hopefully leaving us picking up our binoculars and taking up Byrd watching in Carolina this season.

By Tony Dunn
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