Panthers Roster Cuts (Running List)

The Panthers have to get the roster down to 53 men and 10 practice squad guys by 4 pm, September 2nd. Guys are going to be turning in their playbooks left and right, so we're going to try and help keep you in the know of who's going and who is staying. I'll update this as fast as I can. If you know of someone I missed, drop it in the comments section with the source link.

  1. Zack Sanchez, CB
  2. Fred Ross, WR (IR)
  3. David Yankee, G (IR)
  4. Scott Simonson, TE (IR)
  5. Trevor Graham, WR
  6. Bryce Williams, TE
  7. Bryan Folkerts, C
  8. Connor Wujciak,  DT
  9. Gabriel Mass, DT
  10. Devonte Johnson, CB
  11. Authur Miley, DE
  12. Teddy Williams, CB (IR)
  13. Dan France, T (IR)
  14. Ben Boulware, LB
  15. Blaine Clausell
  16. Zeke Bigger, LB
  17. Eric Crume, DT
  18. Chris Scott, T
  19. Gino Gradkowski, C (IR)
  20. Darrel Young, FB
  21. Austin Duke, WR
  22. Dezmen Southward, S
  23. Andy Lee, P
  24. Brenton Bersin, WR (IR) 
  25. Bryan Cox, DE
  26. Joe Webb,QB
  27. Garrett Gilbert, QB
  28. Toby Johnson, DT