So Smitty Picks The 49ers: Here's What Panther Nation Responded

Agent 89, now an analyst on the NFL Network, came on and predicted the 49ers to upset the Panthers today.  To you, Smitty, I say IceUpSon.  Here’s why I see good things coming today.

Most NFL games come down to QB play.  I see Cam as ready and a full go and to play well. Folks worry about his lack of playing time in the pre-season.  All I have to say to that is 2011 opener where Terry Bradshaw opened the season by saying he was shocked the Panthers took Cam #1 overall and he looked for him to struggle mightily. Then at half time, good ol’ Terry says “I love Cam Newton.”  And Cam went on to a 400+ yard game.  I look for a similar game today.

I do see good things happening today as I believe the Panthers’ offensive line has the ability to be a top 5 unit this season.  Should they stay healthy, Cam and company should return to the swag-waving crew that the folks in Carolina love and opponents fear.  

Two other players I also anticipate big days from are Christian McCaffrey and Julius Peppers. These are two players that add a little somethingsomething to the Panthers and I believe will be keys to the Panthers’ success in 2017.  Here are some of Panther Nations’ tweets feeling the swagger heading into San Francisco:

So, to you, Agent 89:  We love you, but Ice Up Son!

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