Should The Panthers Fire Hurney?

There seems to be a large amount of anger within Panther Nation these days.  Joe Webb cut and they let a Pro Bowl Safety go to a division rival.  So should he be fired?  Take the poll here.

I have to point out that during the Panthers and Steelers game, Ron Rivera was really ticked off at Joe Webb.  Don’t get me wrong, Webb outplayed Derek Anderson in the pre-season and Webb throws a very nice deep ball.  However, Hurney chose a young QB to develop in Brad Kaaya and a pair of young DBs in Seymour and Cox.  People are saying that Hurney is ruining this team. Seriously, how  are these moves hurting this team?  Joe Webb has not thrown a pass in this league in six years and has returned exactly sixteen kicks since joining the Panthers. How has moving on from him a mistake that keeps us out of the playoffs?

And let me ask this, everyone’s beef with Hurney 1.0 is that he threw money around and was too loyal.  So as soon as he isn’t loyal to a third string QB/Special Teams player and does not overspend for a safety that would impact the salary cap, why is he vilified for being incompetent. I admit that I tend to give the Panthers an automatic benefit of the doubt, but I do think Panther Nation is jumping ship way too pre-maturely.  

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Mel Mayock

AKA @PanthersDrafter