Dear Mr. Big Cat, Please Hire a New GM

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I love my family and I love my Carolina Panthers. The only ex- player/owner, your dream to bring professional football to the Carolinas spanned almost 6 years from December 15, 1987 to October 26, 1993. You were even so determined and confident, that you famously registered your car with the license plate "PNTHRS" in 89'. May he rest in peace, Dan Rooney of the Steelers was one of the first owner/supporters and advocates for not only expansion but a Carolina team. That is saying a lot considering the class of person behind it. You brought me the deliciousness and convenience of Hardee's (Yum) and a team to truly be passionate about and call my own... Or our own. You may have single handedly saved one of the Olsen twins! (Greg not Full House). Now the little man bears your name as his middle name. You spent your own money on the "The Panthers Den," formerly known as Ericcson Stadium and now Bank of America. So I will call it "Jerry's House" or the house that Jerry built. We are charitable and classy as you were on Greg Hardy when everyone asked for you to give him a second chance, you replied: "We do things the right way!" I am proud of it and you should be too. Down to business though...

I won't ask you for personal things like tickets to a game ( which I have never been) or a meet and greet (which would be almost as awesome), but I have been here before day 1 of our official organization announcement at the end of 93. I want you to please, PLEASE SIR!!! We need a new General Manager. I get the Hurney move with our familiarity and such. I am not saying to get rid of him during the season by any means. You WERE a player and you ARE a caring owner. I get it, I truly do. The distractions may have been avoidable and, if not so, we wouldn't know because you don't speak on behalf of the organization. I would love to hear a state of the franchise address every year like the president does. I am just asking that you guys start the search and process now... Make a wish list... Do whatever it takes to make an educated decision for our next decision-maker and molder of our franchise... this organization that we both hold so dear. I would have loved to have Brandon Beane, but that boat looks to have sailed. I trust you and the brass will do the right thing, I just ask that you explore all of your options starting now. That way we can be certain we have the right choice for our family, our love, and our future. People matter whether this is a business or not. The owner, the coaches, the personnel, the players, the fans... our family... It matters to "us"... All of "us"... Thank you for your time and attention...

By  "JDub" aka Joshua Charles Dubreuil
P.S. Panther Nation... 2 States... 1 Team... I Love You All!