C3 Fantasy Football Challenge Week 3 and 4 Winners

What’s up fantasy footballers! The C3 Fantasy Football Challenge is in full-effect. Unlike the first two weeks, Weeks 3 and 4 tip the Mike Shula cap to some of the worst performances in the league.

Week 3’s prize was for lowest scorer in all four divisions. That poor award goes to a former winner of the C3 Fantasy Football Challenge—Susan Tucker. Although she kind of gets the last laugh because she took home 300 bones in the first year we did this league, her team scored a paltry 70 points. Susan’s team, which is co-managed by her son, whom I believe is on the Clemson football squad, put up only 70 points. So much for CmC Muscle Factory which didn’t have much muscle that week.

Week 4’s prize goes to the most interceptions with the tie-breaker being the least receiving yards on the team. This was a surprising award because it was Tom Brady who threw a league leading picks (2) with less than 200 yards total passing. It wasn’t a Brady team who coughs up this stinker of a performance. That honor goes to Tyrone Pool Sharks who started Baker Mayfield who had 2 INTs, 2 fumbles, but what really gave Tyrone’s Pool Sharks the honor is that his team only notched 147 receiving yards on the week.

Both winners will get a Roar 2 Four t-shirt that we printed in 2016 after we were coming of that awesome 2015 season which featured a Super Bowl appearance and the team’s 3rd consecutive NFC South title. We went for it like we did the year before and predicted a fourth consecutive division title, we printed the shirts with the 2016 year on them before we took the first snap, and well we have a shirt that may be seen on poor children in 3rd world countries. But these two winners above can take a selfie with them for these two dud performances. See everyone is a winner, even if your shirt is a misprint.

Hit me with an email at carolinacatchronicles@gmail.com if you have any questions.

Here’s the league standings after Week 4.

Muhammad standings.png
Rucker Standings.png