C3 Fantasy Football Wildcard Round!

In a blink of an eye, the fantasy football season has already passed. I’ve fumbled the ball on weekly or even bi-weekly communication. Please forgive me. I used to have some help with this, but I’ve been on my own this season. If anyone would like to help with this next year, let me know. We could have a community communication system to keep up everyone best informed.

Playoff Update:

Remember since we have a 12-team playoff with a 1st round bye for division winners and need to have the championship game in Week 15 before starters are being sat, the playoffs start in Week 12. Three teams from each division advance. The two best records from each sub-division (east/west) and a wild card, the team with the next best record with highest points being the tie-breaker.

Mills Division Champ: Roaring Renegade (9-2)

Minter Division Champ: Blame the Refs (9-2)

Muhammad Division Champ: Cruising the Rivera (9-2)

Rucker Division Champ: Team MacNewton (11-0) WoW!!!!


C3 Mills 18 Playoffs.png
C3 Minter 18 Playoffs.png
C3 Muhammad 18 Playoffs.png
C3 Muhammad Wild Card.png

Wildcard Matchups:

Team Catattack vs Graham Gano-Good

Gano-good Mills Wildcard.png

Newton’s 1st Law vs Da Beastly Kuechly’s

Newton's 1st Law.png
Minter Wildcard DaBeastly's.png

Rotting Pumpkins vs Carolina Sex Panthers

Rotting Pumpkins Muhammad.png

Vegas Panthers vs Hide and Zeke

Vegas Panther Rucker.png
Hide and Zeke Rucker Wildcard.png