C3 Fantasy Football Challenge Update

Check your email for details on how we got to this point! A road of success for 12 teams was complicated by the disaster of me thinking the playoffs started in Week 12 rather than Week 13.

Here is the bracket that should have been the Wild Card Round starting this past weekend and the results of the match-ups.


Team CatAttack vs Graham Gano-Good

Graham Gano-good.png

Newto’s 1st Law vs DaBeastly Kuechly’s

Newton's 1st Law.png
DaBeastly Kuechly's.png

Hide and Zeke vs Less Talk Moore Yaction

Hide and Zeke.png
Less Talk Moore Yaction.png

Cruising the Rivera vs Vegas Panther

Cruising the Rivera.png
Vegas Panthers.png

Initial Bracket Seeding


1 Roaring Renegade 10-2  108.8

2. Team Catattack 9-3    87.5 Team Catattack vs Graham Gano Good

3 Graham Gano Good 8-4  84.9


1 Blame the Refs  (10-2)

2 Newton’s 1st Law (8-4)  94.2

3  DaBeastly Kuechly’s (9-3) 160


1 Rotting Pumpkins 10-2

2 Cruising the Rivera 9-3   1696

3  Less Talk Moore Yac-tion 7-5


1 Team MacNewton 12-0

2 Hide and Zeke 9-3  128.4 1774

3 Vegas Panthers 9-3  90.6