Richard "Biggie" Rodgers May Be the Free Agency Answer for Carolina

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If the Carolina Panthers still need a tight end, I think that we need to look no further than Green Bay's free agent Richard Rodger's II. "Biggie" 26 yrs old, 6'4, 257 lbs. has good speed, and great route runner was drafted by Green Bay in 2014. He has been a go-to receiver for Aaron Rodgers making hail mary red zone, and third down catches at critical moments throughout his career. Biggie' played his college ball at the University of California like his Father. He is dependable making nearly every start at the sound of the whistle during his four-year tenure at Green Bay. He is a savvy veteran that comes back to the ball when his QB is in trouble finding the holes in the zone and he doesn't drop the ball! 

Finally, his father, "Rock" Richard Rodgers Sr. has been the DB Safety Coach for the Carolina Panthers since 2012.

By Maurice Carter Jr

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