Panthers Players Eyeballing Richard Sherman as Free Agency Approaches


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Today's news of Richard Sherman's release coincided with an Instagram post by Thomas Davis of the two together. Panthers fans saw this as Thomas Davis courting the All-Pro cornerback, similar to how TD and CJ appealed to Julius Peppers last season. 

It wasn't only the fans watching, however. Shaq Thompson was all eyes, and even Josh Norman, who is expected to be released by the Washington Redskins, noticed the post. Many will dismiss this speculation as fans yearning for the Panthers to land a big name in free agency. Carolina's trading of Daryl Worley for Torrey Smith, along with Kurt Coleman's release, places Carolina's front office in a dire position of need. The Panthers needed a lot of help in the secondary, even if they would have kept Worley. The latest image of Davis and Sherman has us all watching to see if he is the help Carolina wants.

By Tony Dunn
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