Panthers Defensive Backs Coach, Curtis Fuller, Resigns Just 5 Days after Drafting Consecutive DBs

Just five days ago, Curtis Fuller was describing Carolina Panthers' selection of Donte Jackson at #55 overall. His assessment was featured at the top of Carolina's draft coverage on and he seemed to be very much in the mix of the team's selection. The following day, Carolina drafted another defensive back at #85 to start the third round, leaving one to assume that Fuller had direct input on the former Volunteer. 

Less than a week later, as Rivera was teeing off at Quail Hollow, Fuller was boxing his personal items after resigning from the Carolina staff. Coach Rivera described it as a "complicated situation." Complicated, perhaps, but mysterious for sure. 

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Fuller was promoted to defensive backs coach last season after Steve Wilkes advanced to defensive coordinator. He had worked as Wilkes assistant in Tennesee and joined the Panthers in 2016, holding a variety of assistant coaching roles in the defensive back room. 

What's bizarre about Fuller's resignation is the timing. Carolina has made a lot of coaching changes, some by choice and others by force, over the past year. If Fuller had resigned or had been fired upon Steve Wilke's departure for Arizona, the situation would make sense. Fuller, however, remained with the team and appeared to be an important component of a staff that would draft two defensive backs rather early in the 2018 Draft. 

Fuller's resignation must be complicated because if it isn't this is just another example of the actual chaos in an organization that has been embroiled in a scandal that is highlighted by the sudden sale of the organization. I wish I could say this is abnormal at this point, but every day you look at the headlines in Charlotte and the Carolina Panthers are featured bizarre story after bizarre story.

By Tony Dunn
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