Superman’s Kryptonite

Superman is obviously the best superhero of all time. He has many powers such as flight, superhuman strength, invulnerability, x-ray vision and more! But, he has one weakness and that is kryptonite.

The Carolina Panthers have their own superhero in Cam Newton. Newton is known as “Superman.” He has super speed, superhuman strength, and a cannon for an arm. He wears Under Armour shoes with the Superman logo and when he scores he rips his shirt off like Clark Kent when he is becoming Superman. But, this year Superman has rarely been seen and Clark Kent has been taking a beating behind center.

Cam Newton’s kryptonite right now is the Carolina Panthers. How could this be true? The whole team is the weakness of our starting quarterback? Yes and I am saying this because of all of the issues on both sides of the ball.

I recently wrote an article titled “The Blurred Line.” The article focused on how bad the offensive line is and how it could be fixed. Let’s face it, the offensive line not being able to block creates a lot of problems on offense. Superman is not able to fly, throw or save the Panthers from a loss.

How many times has Newton been hit or sacked in the past four seasons?

Newton has been hit or sacked a total of 531 times. That is 259 times more than the next quarterback, Ryan Fitzpatrick. Superman may be thought to be invulnerable, but this kind of beating can take its toll even on superheroes.

The defense is also Superman’s kryptonite. I am saying this because the defense went from second best in 2013 to one of the worst in the NFL. The Panthers defense is ranked 29th in the NFL by allowing 28.1 points per game. They have also allowed a total of 281 points, which ranks 31st in the NFL. The defense can’t stop teams on third down or create turnovers. This limits Superman’s ability because he stays on the sideline and gets less time with the ball.

Cam Newton has been playing in the NFL for four seasons and continues to be limited by the Carolina Panthers roster and coaching decisions. Will Superman ever be able to reach his full potential? Are the Panthers better off trading Cam Newton?

By, Justin Raymond

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