Cheese.... It would of been a great meal

I am huge fan of the movie "Old School." Old School is a movie about a lawyer who gets a house on a college campus, and starts a fraternity. The movie stars Luke Wilson, Will Ferrell, Vince Vaughn, and Jeremy Piven. At one point during the movie Jeremy Piven comes into the fraternity house after a night of partying, and Luke Wilson sees him, and says, “Wow. Cheese. Is that you? Later in the conversation Vince Vaughn says, “Oh, yeah. Cheeeeeeese. Yeah, didn't we lock you in a dumpster one time? Jeremy Piven then says, “Yea, I got out.”

What if the Carolina Panthers beat the Seattle Seahawks, and went to Lambeau Field to play the Green Packers in the NFC Championship game? The Panthers could of said, “Hey cheese heads. Our season was in the dumpster but we got out, and we're here now!”

The Panthers played the Packers already once this year. They went to Lambeau Field to play the Packers back on October 19th, and lost 38-17. Aaron Rodgers threw for 255 yards, and had a 94.3 QBR. The Packers had 363 total yards of offense, and scored five touchdowns. The Packers wide receivers, and the rest of the offense were able to do whatever they wanted. This loss was the beginning of the Panthers six game losing streak.

I am however erasing this game from my memory. If I could, I would erase this game from the stat books. This game and eleven other games happened before the Panthers found the right formula on the offensive line, and the defensive secondary.

I truly believe that the Panthers would of beaten the Green Bay Packers in the playoffs. The Panthers won four in a row going into the playoffs, and they finished top ten in defense. There is nothing more dangerous then momentum. Cam Newton was healthy, and the offense averaged 127.3 rushing yards per game.

The Panthers defense and offense would of given the Packers trouble. The Packers have the 23rd worst rushing defense in the NFL allowing 119.9 yards per game, and would have had a hard time shutting down Newton, and Jonathan Stewart.

Bene' Benwikere 

Also the Panthers defensive secondary would have had a completely new look. The starters back on October 19th were: Melvin White, Antoine Cason, Thomas DeCoud, and Charles Godfrey. The starting DB's for the Panthers going into the playoffs consisted of: Josh Norman, Bene' Benwikere, Tre Boston, and Roman Harper. The new DB's are faster, tougher, and rarely miss tackles. They would have been able to cover and prevent big plays from Jordy Nelson, and Randall Cobb.

Finally, Aaron Rodgers injured his calf and the whole world knows. He is known for rolling out of the pocket, and making big plays down field with his arm. His calf injury limits his ability to run, and it is one less thing to worry about. The Panthers defensive line would have been able to pressure Rodgers, and double check him into the ground.

How far into the playoffs will the Panthers go next season?

By, Justin Raymond

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