C3 Fantasy Football Challenge Update

Check your email for details on how we got to this point! A road of success for 12 teams was complicated by the disaster of me thinking the playoffs started in Week 12 rather than Week 13.

Here is the bracket that should have been the Wild Card Round starting this past weekend and the results of the match-ups.


Team CatAttack vs Graham Gano-Good

Graham Gano-good.png

Newto’s 1st Law vs DaBeastly Kuechly’s

Newton's 1st Law.png
DaBeastly Kuechly's.png

Hide and Zeke vs Less Talk Moore Yaction

Hide and Zeke.png
Less Talk Moore Yaction.png

Cruising the Rivera vs Vegas Panther

Cruising the Rivera.png
Vegas Panthers.png

Initial Bracket Seeding


1 Roaring Renegade 10-2  108.8

2. Team Catattack 9-3    87.5 Team Catattack vs Graham Gano Good

3 Graham Gano Good 8-4  84.9


1 Blame the Refs  (10-2)

2 Newton’s 1st Law (8-4)  94.2

3  DaBeastly Kuechly’s (9-3) 160


1 Rotting Pumpkins 10-2

2 Cruising the Rivera 9-3   1696

3  Less Talk Moore Yac-tion 7-5


1 Team MacNewton 12-0

2 Hide and Zeke 9-3  128.4 1774

3 Vegas Panthers 9-3  90.6

C3 Fantasy Football Round 1 Recap

Mills League

Mills League

This was a standard set of selections until pick 7 when Team Kuech'n Ass! picked Christian McCaffrey. Now this is a league full of Panthers fans, but seven is super high! It may not be outrageous, however, when it is all said and done. If a guy is going to destroy it, why does it matter if you pick him at 7 or 17?

Minter League

Minter League

I was going to say that Jordy Nelson crept pretty high in Mills at #8, but he went #5 in Minter. We saw another quarterback go in the first here with Aaron Rodgers. Jordan Howard also leap frogged McCoy to make the Top 10.

Muhammad League

Muhammad League

This had all the names in the order we've been seeing in most mock drafts. Both Mike Evans and AJ Green fell a little because Devonta Freeman jumped into the Top 3 and Todd Gurley went 11. This group targeted the running backs clearly.

Rucker League

Rucker League

Oh Julio Jones jumped to #2 overall like he was catching a pass in a Super Bowl loss! Dez Brant cracked the first round, Jay Ajayi made the 1st Round for the first time in all the C3 leagues, and Mike Evans jumped ahead of Odell Beckham Jr.  

By Tony Dunn
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Fantasy Football At A Different Level

Fantasy Football At A Different Level

This is year four of the C3 Fantasy Football League.  Four divisions of 12 teams battle it out throughout the season.  Each week there are Panther prizes given out for random contests. Every team is a Panthers fan and every week is a blast.  Next week (Tuesday, August 22) is the draft order selection show.  We will be giving a way a Luke Kuechley jersey and other cool Panthers

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Week 12 C3FF Minter League Recap

Week 12 C3FF Minter League Recap

With but a single week left in the C3FF Challenge, in Minter League, the East has been won by Bortlemilk Biscuts (10-2), who has a 2-game lead on Panther Storm. In the West (8-4). The West has team Make America Great aGinn at 8-4 with a 1-game lead over Summertime, and the livin's Exek at 7-5. If Panther Storm wins this week, they lock-in to a Wild Card spot at minimum, so the pressure is on! However, they face the league's worst team, team Truesdale, at 2-10.

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Week 9 C3FF Minter League Recap

Week 9 C3FF Minter League Recap

Well, week 9 had a lot of blowouts, including my game that I lost by about 50 FP. I've pretty much given up on this, since I STILL have out-scored everyone in my division, yet, I'm tied for last at 3-6. Kinda shows me the futility of playing head-to-head FF, since I have absolutely zero control over "fantasy points allowed," which is even higher than those that I've scored. It's pretty pointless.

That said, Monday Night Football wound up giving Minter League a couple of close matches:

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C3FF Week 6 Minter League Recap

C3FF Week 6 Minter League Recap

No undefeated fantasy teams remain in the Minter league of the #C3FF Challenge here in our third season, and I have to say it seems to be more competitive each year.

I've noticed ...PantherStorm is very, very active on the waiver wire, which means an actively managed team. Despite suffering their first loss of the season, they remain in first place in the East division and are a good example of how to be involved in a fantasy football franchise that stays competitive every week and has a chance to win it all.

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C3FF Week 4 Minter League Recap



Standout Games:


Game 1: Ginn and Juice (0-4) ------------ 89.5

       Bortlemilk Biscuits (2-2) ----------- 95.5


Bortlemilk Biscuits won this one despite bafflingly starting Ryan Tannehill against the Bengals in Cincy (12 FP) upon LB Vontaze Burfict's return. Instead, he had Bortles benched in London against that so-tightly-defended Indy secondary (28 FP). Then again, the game started at 9:30 am so he may not have had time to substitute for him. BB still won by 6 FP, and doing so with some pretty steady FP from his starters. Ginn and Juice had a few standout performers (Luck, Antonio Brown, Brandon Marshall) but it wasn't enough to quite climb the hill. Neither team had a great fantasy output and nobody on the bench would have helped with the bye weeks starting.


Game 2: Panther Storm (4-0) ---- 101.5

      Shaq Lives Matter (1-3) ------ 96.0

Panther Storm has taken the division lead at 4-0 with no signs of looking back. I have noticed it's probably the most active team week-to-week, and key to winning is that in-season management. The only amusement I get from this game? He had Meg yan's 44 FP on the bench.


Game 3: My Ball Zach Ertz (0-4) ---------------------- 84

       Summertime, and the Livins Ezek (1-2) -------- 171.5


I included this one because the winner could literally have scored half the FP he did and still would have won. Summertime's box score demonstrates what's possible in fantasy football when all your starters have good games.


Overall comment on standings: Eastern division leader is 4-0, with 1 at 3-1. Western Division has three teams tied at 3-1.

Interesting that yours truly and Panther Storm have scored exactly the same number of FP, 537.5, over 4 games, but I'm 2-2 while PS is 4-0. Such is the "luck of the draw" factor in Head-to-Head matchups.



This past week was the week of QB injuries. Unfortunately, Cam suffered a concussion on yet ANOTHER "I'll ease up on this score" lazy saunter. Perhaps this time, he'll actually figure out it's better to go hard that final yard, cross the goal line, THEN he can let up. An angry NFL defender is not a good thing to "overlook" in his situation, and he has done that several times. 

Carson Palmer is also injured, but the severity isn't yet known to me. I'm sure you can google updated info on him at any time, but what's interesting about Palmer was a comment I saw posted supposedly coming from another GM: "He is the LEAST clutch QB in the NFL." Ouch.


 -- The Commish

C3 Mills Week Three Fantasy League Recap

A lot of teams were looking to get on the positive side of .500 this week while others are still batting 1.000. Let's take a look at a few of the match ups.

WEGHER MINUTE (2-1) - 143

HOG MOLLIE HEROES (1-2) -113.5

Wegher Minute continues to climb in points with the highest score in the league after losing in week one with a measly 76 points. Wide receivers were the hot position in this match up as Marvin Jones scored 42 for Wegher Minute and Mike Evans had 25 for Hog Mollies. Both were the top scorers for their respective teams.

TheLongAnd KawaanShortOfIt (3-0)- 96

NOT-SO-LAZY-SUSANS (1-2)- 85.5

The ShortOfIt is the only remaining undefeated after squeezing out a grinding victory over Not-So-Lazy Susans. T.Y. Hilton (33) and Desean Jackson (19.5) shouldered the load for ShortOfIt while the Susans had a more balanced attack led by Demaryius Thomas (23) and Melvin Gordon (18). Unfortunately, the Susan's couldn't tip the scales out of balance and more in their favor to win. The KawaanShortOfIt stands alone at the top of the standings heading into week four at 3-0.

Chattahoochee Hoochekoochees (2-1)- 136.5


C.H. was able to knock one of the unbeaten in this one and in convincing fashion. Funchies got a combined 14 points from their quarterback and two flex position that really killed them, while C.H. got a huge lift from their Chiefs defense this week for 35 points. The con of that Chiefs defense was the fact that they were playing Ryan Fitzpatrick who C.H. also started and registered a terrible -3 points. Funchies will look to bounce back to their winning ways in week four.

The Kawaan Short Of It stands 3-0, just a game ahead of Kalil Me Maybe (2-1) and Wegher Minute (2-1) in the East division. Out West there's a three way tie with 2-1 records between Chattahoochee, I Worley Have The Funchies, and Andrews Panthers.

It's obviously still young in the fantasy season but teams should start separating themselves over the next few weeks.