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Cat Chronicles is a website created by fans, for fans, who are dedicated to following the Carolina Panthers. The @Cat_Chronicles brand originated from fan discussion and input, so it is our mission to feature Panther fans because without you, football is just a kids game.  Each week, we will select our favorite tweets related to the Carolina Panthers and fans will vote for Cat Chronicle's Tweet of the Week! Cast your vote now;  It’s up to you!

Joe’s Pick:

This is my nominee for Cat Chronicles tweet of the week because it accurately states what many of us already knew. Cam Newton is elite. Look at his stats from this year and nothing really jumps out at you, but if you look at where elite quarterbacks excel, you’ll see that Cam is right up there with them. Third down conversions, red zone, end of 1st half/end of game is when Cam has been at his best this year. Cam is protecting possessions better and he is pressuring defenses by running from the pocket when defenses go into man coverage. This tweet just plainly states what Panthers fan already knew, Cam is elite. And in other breaking news, water is wet.

Tony’s pick:

Again, Steve "Sure-Hands" Smith showed when we needed him most--4 down in the 4th quarter.  Again, Tedd "Stone Hands" Ginn struggled to reign in the pigskin. Ginn has had problems throughout his career with catching, particularly the deep ball.  His inconsistency as a receiver led both Miami and San Francisco to part ways with the special teams assassin before he arrived in Carolina.  As our Cat Chronicles Joe Riollano recently commented, maybe Cam should try kicking Ginn the ball.

Ginn, extend those alligator arms and catch those deep balls!  I like this guy, don’t get me wrong.  He has single handedly resuscitated Panther special teams.  Imagine though how dynamic our offense would be if he could stretch the field consistently.

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