Carolina Panthers: Cardiac Cats Late Game Comeback

What a fantastic finish to a hard fought game! This has the makings of a magical type of season for Carolina. This team has earned its stripes this year in pulling out some late game heroics. It seems when the chips are down and the team’s back is against the wall, the Panthers are at their very best. It is a rare quality in a team to become so focused and determined when facing tough situations late in games. There are several players on this team that possess the “clutch” gene, and it seems most greatly expressed in quarterback Cam Newton. For all the late game heroics, it is the defense that deserves credit for this win.

I was one of those who thought this game would end with at least forty five points scored in it. If you would have told me before this game started the final score would have been 17-13, I would not have believed you. The defenses for the teams really stole the spotlight and yardage was at a premium in this contest. I can’t give enough credit to the defense for their effort in this game. Truly the entire defensive unit should get MVP of the game. Well them and punter Brad Nortman, what a great game he had.

If today’s effort from linebacker Luke Kuechly did not earn him a Pro Bowl nod, then there is not anyone who deserves to go. 24 tackles and an interception would make for a good 3 game total for some players, but for the Panthers “Clark Kent”, it is just another day at the office. Luke is firmly establishing himself as the premiere middle linebacker in the NFL. The Panthers are fortunate to have another dynamic playmaker besides Luke Kuechly as part of their linebacking corps.

Thomas Davis is having a career year. He has been the unfortunate victim of three consecutive ACL injuries that have forced him to miss the better part of three seasons. He played well last season, but this year he is proving to the entire NFL he is a Pro Bowl caliber talent. He seems faster to me now than before his injury. 14 tackles and an interception is usually worthy of defensive MVP for a game, however despite the effort by Davis he was bested by 10 tackles. Nevertheless, Thomas Davis is having a fantastic year.

Highlighting these two players is easy because of their stat lines. This win though took a total team effort. The entire defense is deserving of praise because they showed such resiliency and determination. This is just my immediate take on this game so look for a more thorough breakdown later in the week.

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