Tweet of the Week- 12/4-12/11

Cat Chronicles is a website created by fans, for fans, who are dedicated to following the Carolina Panthers.  The @Cat_Chronicles brand originated from fan discussion and input, so it is our mission to feature Panther fans because without you, football is just a kids game.  Each week, we will select our favorite tweets related to the Carolina Panthers and fans will vote for Cat Chronicle's Tweet of the Week!  Cast your vote now;  It’s up to you!


Joe’s Pick:

This tweet is perfect for the events that took place Monday night. The Saints offense failed to take flight, just as the team’s plane failed to take flight. Drew Brees and the Saints offense needed to deice up, because the cold weather obviously knocked them off their game . They were awful against Seattle. It was the worst offensive performance under head coach Sean Payton’s tenure. Nicely put @TBoneWFNZ.

Tony’s Pick:

This tweet touched on a bunch of different thing that appeal to me.  First, I just simply like the description of anyone as “salty.”  It’s concise, but teases many flavors of truth at the same time.  The media has greatly overlooked the Panthers to this point.  Even when they do acknowledge what is going on in Charlotte this season, they seem to be hesitant to believe it is for real.  This is a good thing for the Panthers mostly.  We always play better when we are viewed as the dogs.  Every time the pundits have picked us as favorites in the NFC South in the past, we have stumbled and fumbled to sub-par records.  But, I have to draw the line at this point.  This team is for real, and they are still not getting the credit they deserve.  I mean a large group of so-called experts picked Tampa to come into our house and beat us.  That’s ridiculous.

There is one other element of this tweet that stood out to me, it was directed at Marshall Faulk.  Marshall, you had my back for so many years in fantasy football, when you near single handedly won me two championships.  I will forever be grateful.  But man, it’s time to have our back now and start to give credit where credit is due.   Now I don’t know the context in which @TheRealMikeSak made this comment--but I don’t really doubt it’s accuracy.  Let’s just say this, I hope @Marshallfaulk stays in the tweet of the week conversation and doesn’t move into the ICE UP of the week category.  

Vote for @TheRealMikeSak…..he is salty!

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