Mike Mitchell "Confident" He Will Re-sign with Carolina Panthers

Replicating Carolina's 2013 success will be a difficult task given the parity of the NFL.  Doing it with a markedly different roster won't make it any easier.  It's likely that this is what Carolina will have to do in 2014, however. With 21 unrestricted free agents on the roster, both sides of the ball will likely be remastered.  Key players in Carolina's 2013 success will probably wear other teams jerseys next year. But given last year's lackluster offense, it's the defensive free agents that Panther Nation is most interested. 

Panther fans have been clamoring for any little tidbit suggesting who will go and who will stay.  Well last night, Mike Mitchell gave us a little breadcrumb that suggests he will be re-signing with the Carolina Panthers. 

Here's the exchange: 

After leaving Oakland, many had deemed Mitchell a draft bust.  He signed a 1-yr deal with the Panthers and began fighting for a roster spot.  Mitchell won more than a roster spot, however. He won something greater than a starting spot even. Mitchell won the hearts of Panther Nation, something that is priceless in a market like Carolina.  

The big hitting, high intensity safety quickly became a fan favorite and an integral component of Carolina's 2013 success.  Mitchell tallied 4 sacks, 4 INTs, and 72 tackles last year in what was one of the greatest seasons for a Panthers' safety ever. 

Keeping Carolina's top ranked defense together next year will be near impossible.  Gettleman pieced together a remarkably effective roster composed of hog molly rookie tackles and nomadic veterans in the secondary to create one of the league's best defenses. It was impressive. New and old faces gelled.  Panther favorites, like Luke Keuchly and Thomas Davis, shined.  Greg Hardy terrorized quarterbacks, racking up 16 sacks in a contract year.  Mike Mitchell, however, played an often overlooked and underrated part in Carolina's success though. 

Early in Carolina's turnaround, I wrote Carolina Controls Center in Playoff Chess Match.  Mitchell was a great focus of this article because the toughness and tenacity he brings to Carolina's defense.  It's great to hear that the big hitter wants to come back to Carolina next year.  It's even better to hear that it will likely happen.