Playoff Tweet of the Week

Cat Chronicles is a website created by fans, for fans, who are dedicated to following the Carolina Panthers.  The @Cat_Chronicles brand originated from fan discussion and input, so it is our mission to feature Panther fans because without you, football is just a kids game.  Each week, we will select our favorite tweets related to the Carolina Panthers and fans will vote for Cat Chronicle's Tweet of the Week!  Cast your vote now;  It’s up to you!

Joe’s Pick:

What a great tweet. Cam and the Panthers watching, studying the next opponent, and just giving their bodies a much needed rest. Meanwhile Drew Brees and the Saints celebrate beating the NFC Least division champion Philadelphia Eagles. It’s on to round 2 for the Saints, while Cam and company accomplished that a week ago. I find this tweet very apropo. 

Big games this weekend, two rematches in the NFC of regular season match-ups. Can’t wait to see what Seattle does to the Saints this time. Last game, the Saints allowed the junior varsity team to play Seattle. I hope this time the Saints varsity squad makes the trip, or it will once again be U-G-L-Y!   

Yes the Panthers have had a bye week and they are notorious for coming off bye weeks and playing flat, as in flat out terrible. But there is something different about this team. It seems very focused, it is a byproduct of the teams mixture of youthful exuberance and veteran leadership. That plus the ever steady and even keeled “Riverboat” Ron at the helm. Can’t wait to see what SUnday has in store for #PanthersNation

Tony's Pick

Thanks honey for picking up beer on the way home.  I’ll be home from work soon…#Go Panthers CLICK.  I am officially ending all phone calls #GoPanthers after seeing @Michael_Bryan20 ’s.  After the backstabbing Ric Flair episode and the national media’s fawning over San Francisco, Panther Nation needs to ban together.  The Panthers got dangerous when they started believing in themselves.  That is when they started to learn how to win.  Don’t let them down Panther Nation.  Will the 12th man please stand up and yell Go Panthers!!!!

Who's Tweet will advance?