Two Claps and a Ric Flair--the Panthers Watch Wildcard in Wait!

"Listen up...listen up... the task is not complete," according to Ron Rivera, but damn #PantherNation can I get two claps and Ric Flair because the Panthers are in the playoffs! It feels good doesn't it?

According to Rivera, the Panthers "haven't played to their ability" yet, but they will need to in two weeks if we want this feeling to continue.   Wildcard weekend is so much more exciting when you got some skin in the game, and we have some skin in this game. The +New Orleans Saints venture into Philly this weekend, most likely go to Philly to face Chip Kelly's +Philadelphia Eagles.  This looks to be a tough matchup for the Saints, who struggle mightily on the road.  While their defense is much improved, Philadelphia has been beating people with a more traditional offensive schema than many expected from the former Duck Dynasty Kelly.  I'm guessing +Chip Kelly will mix it up a little in the playoffs.

If the Eagles win this matchup, they will have to then come to Bank of America.  If the Saints finally get a road win, Carolina will play the winner of +San Francisco 49ers vs +Green Bay Packers.

Sure to be a tough matchup whomever the opponent, it's awesome to be in the playoffs.

So #PantherNation can I get Two Claps and a Ric Flair!