Carolina Fans: Don't Mock the Draft, Decide It!

Panther Nation,

Do you want your voice to be heard when it comes to the draft? Are you worried Dave Gettleman has pulled a Tedd Ginn and dropped the ball? is giving you a chance to voice your opnion to Dave Gettleman and the Carolina Panthers!

General Manager David Gettleman has literally cleaned house of any productive WRs Carolina had on an already thin roster due to free agency, age, and/or salary cap issues. Take your pick, but it still remains a team that is totally bereft of talented targets at WR for Cam to throw to. Yes, sure handed Greg Olson remains, but he's a tight end that always wears his Sunday snowshoes.

The other concern is the retirement of Pro Bowl LT Jordan Gross and the continued issues of RT Byron Bell being an inept pass-blocker. While Bell is a class act and a good run-blocker, that's only half the game. Besides, Tim Tebow is a "class act" and where is HE now?

Prepping for the upcoming 2014 draft, C-cubed will conduct a series of polls for you, the fans, to voice your opinion concerning the position you want Carolina to draft in 2014. Using those results, we'll try to hone-in on some likely targets for that respective round.  So get ready, your fantasy draft just got real.  You'll pick the positions, and the players, and we will then grade that draft pick with an in depth draft profile and assessment.

Our current poll asks: which position we should draft in the first round? - OT, WR, or CB. When the results are in, we will next provide a list 5 players at that particular position that we feel have a decent chance of still being on the draft board when Carolina picks.  You'll then pick the player who the Carolina Panthers should draft.

What position will the Panthers draft 1st?

Don't expect to see names like Auburn's Greg Robinson at LT, Sammy Watkins at WR, or Darqueze Dennard at CB. They will all be long gone by 28 with Robinson and Watkins being locks for the top ten--we're trying to be realistic. We're not mocking the draft, we are deciding it!

The point is that we want to be well-informed of the strengths and weaknesses of these more "likely" candidates - for instance say Penn State's Allen Robinson or Virginia's Morgan Moses - that should be there when we are on the clock.

So, sports fans (I LOVE the movie "The Great Santini!"), let's get those polls rockin' and GET OUT THE VOTE!

We also ask that you fans help spread the word and tweet to YOUR circle of friends on Twitter, and "like" us on Facebook, etc., to hit the social media channels, spread the word, and get as many fans to vote in our project as possible.

And no, you don't need to show a photo ID to vote in OUR poll!

Go Panthers and KeepPounding!

What position will the Panthers draft 1st?