Carolina Panthers’ Derek Anderson Vents about Prick Cop on Twitter

“I’m so salty” Derek Anderson said after being ticketed for what looks to be too dark of window tint.  It broke with this tweet by the Panthers backup quarterback:

Anderson’s comments were quickly noticed by Panther fans who were either cops themselves or worked within the realm of law enforcement or the military. 

Things looked to lighten as Anderson backtracked a bit, complimenting Charlotte PD for being cool enough to let people run red lights without penalty (still wonder how I feel about this as being cool) and deferring to the military as a topic above reproach.  I mean everyone has limits right?

If it wasn’t intended lighten the mood, Jimmy “joke” Clausen chimed in, stating that he had been annoyed by petty tickets lately and didn’t plan on paying his most recent traffic ticket.  This is when I laughed aloud.  I guess the backups tend to stick together. 

I mean, Clausen is the guy who used to tweet pics of himself at Colorado ski resorts and at his insanely luxurious California family home.  There’s a real disconnect here.  A guy who comes from a well to do back ground and got paid to go away in Carolina is pissed that he has to pay traffic fines that frankly we all get perturbed about.  But seriously, who can just not pay traffic tickets?  Panthers Armond Smith found it entertaining, tweeting:

Then Clausen took the opportunity to remind public servants that they owed their livelihood to his overpaying of taxes.

Now I’m not really interested in having a conversation about the current state of American taxation, but damn Jimmy, I guess you forgot all that money you took from us Panther fans to well, not be good.  Until this point, I didn’t say anything about that $110 bucks I dropped to watch Carolina get pummeled by 30 points in 2010. Maybe you can send me a ten spot back for that one, since you collected the revenues directly like this cop collects the fine from you ticket directly.  It doesn’t work that way?

Things looked to be fizzling out at this point, but Anderson fired back at some fans who were critical of his public “saltiness.” He defended his right to be upset and to voice his criticism of the occurrence.

This isn’t really all that big of a deal.  I found it entertaining more than anything.  I was surprised it carried on as long as it did, and I am always stunned when I see ole Jimmy Clausen.  I find Clausen complaining about anything a little lame.  Not picking up the ticket, well that’s just spoiled Jimmy. 

One fan really sought to lighten the whole mood of this incident stating: 

Bud, hate to tell you, Derek Anderson isn’t going to get anyone a Super Bowl.  Cam will though!