A Blast from the Past

In 2002, the Panthers defense was ranked 2nd behind the Superbowl winning Bucs. In that same year our offense was ranked 30th. Does this sound familiar? With a fearsome front 7 and spotty secondary Carolina added a few pieces to the team, namely Delhomme and S.Davis. Carolina's defensive line was its strength, along with linebackers Dan Morgan and Will Witherspoon. As stated, the secondary wasn’t tremendously talented or manned by household names.  Guys like Terry Cousins, Reggie Howard and Ricky Manning JR. found a way to get the job done, however. Carolina had a secret weapon in 5'9" special teams player Steve Smith, who turned out to be a bigger problem for opposing teams than his height. There's a lot of comparisons to be made but none more important than the return to the Superbowl. Go Panthers!!

By Willie Perry

This is a special post to the C3 crew.  @Begasus26 was one of our first supporters.  Literally, I think he was the second, only to @Sdanner52.  We now get to return the favor.  So Panther fans get your hands up and give a warm welcome to one of the most die hard +Carolina Panthers out there.......Chocolate Wonderland!