Greg Hardy Arrested

Greg Hardy Arrested

The Kraken has been arrested on suspicion of domestic violence involving an incident with his girlfriend, reported WSOC Charlotte today around noon and confirmed by numerous sources. 

This was just a preliminary report, which hopefully will be followed by details shedding further light on the matter. Reports suggest that these are misdemeanor charges, likely resultant of verbally accosting the victim.  Panther fans have already demonstrated dismay by the Kraken's arrest.

 How will this affect the Kraken's future in Carolina and his value on the free agency market?  Could Gettleman use this as leverage to negotiate a long-term deal for a much cheaper price?  Granted that these charges are not terribly serious, but more in line with some verbal threat, such as "I'm going to...," I say Gettleman goes and bails out the Kraken and negotiates the deal right then and there on the back of his citations.

On a related note, just how much did Hardy's arrest cost him?  This will be one expensive hiccup when it is all said and done, where it will have some tangible cost if he does negotiate a long-term deal.  It may not be anything that prevents him from getting paid, but there has to be some sort of monetary impact.

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