Should I Feel Guilty for Voting Against Cam in the Madden Cover Challenge?

After quickly surveying PantherNation, it looks as most would say yes.  Panther fans have largely thrown their weight behind Cam winning the Madden cover challenge. It’s well known that Cam wants to make the Madden cover.  He plays regularly against teammates and fans, and he has even openly called on fans to support his cover shot bid.  So knowing Cam’s desire to win, and seeing PantherNation’s overwhelming support, should I feel guilty that I voted against my favorite player?  Should I feel bad that I plan to continually vote against Cam?

Some may say I’m superstitious. Some may say I’m selfish; but PantherNation, I’m here to tell you I’m selfless!  That’s right, this is for Cam, the Panthers, and PantherNation.  I will not sit by and let our greatest player, my favorite player, potentially fall prey to the Madden curse! 

Oh you can best believe, there aren’t many bigger Cam Newton fans than this guy right here.  I mean, do you wear a SuperCam cape to the games? Do you make it a point to teach your toddler children to pull those fists back across the chest and yell SuperCam?  Is your Facebook profile pic one of you superimposed pep-talking up Cam between plays?  And did I mention I was wearing a cape?  Hey, I know  you are diehard Panther fan.  I know you love some Cam Newton as much as I do, or else you wouldn’t be here reading this post.  I also know that we must take steps to stop this from happening! 

I try not to view myself as superstitious, but the more and more I look at it maybe I am.  Well, maybe it’s not that I endorse superstition, but instead chose to avoid challenging it.  I don’t intentionally walk under ladders. I don’t rub toads over myself to see if I get warts. I avoid smashing mirrors, and I definitely don’t jump out of functioning airplanes.  Do I believe that walking under a ladder will bring bad luck? Not really.  I’m not all that interested in testing it out though either.

I don’t really believe Cam winning the Madden cover challenge will bring him misfortune.  But do we need to disprove this supposed curse with our franchise quarterback, the one bright spot of Carolina’s offense?  No, no, no!  Let Richard Sherman take the cover, and let Cam mash his face after a 30 yard run in Week 8.  Don’t say Cam’s name in this contest! Let the confident, and always cocky, Richard Sherman test the Madden curse instead!  Vote to tell me if I’m being superstitious or selfless!  Then check out what Panther fans have been saying about it as well.