Who Does PantherNation Hate the Most? Vote Now!

Twitter has turned out to be a good source for inspiration.  Sometimes it inspires me to have a good day or to do additional research,
 but today my musing turned to hatred.  Some PantherFans recently engaged in a Twitter war with our “Friends” down I-85 South. 

 Who Do You Hate Most?

This got me to thinking, “Who Do I and, more importantly, who does PantherNation hate the most?”  Hate is a strong word, but not really strong enough to describe some of our feelings towards our most bitter rivals.  A good rivalry has wins and losses on both sides and typically will involve some personality clashes between players and/or coaches.  And the great ones have personality clashes between the cultures of the cities or states they represent.  Below are four teams with explanations of why I hate them, and you (PantherNation) need to vote and to tell me which one you hate the most:

1.      Atlanta “Dirty-bird” Falcons- Where to start on why I hate the Falcons.  Well this one is a clash of two cities in my mind.  Atlanta is such a bad sports city.  I mean the Hawks were fighting for dear-life to make the 8th seed in the NBA playoffs and on a Saturday night they couldn’t draw flies.  And forget about Falcons fans showing up if “their team” isn’t having a great season.  One  thing that always kills me is how people across the county refer to Charlotte as a little Atlanta or “How Atlanta was 30 years ago.”  We are different cities and Charlotte is less of a transient city than Atlanta.  Our people have more common courtesy.  And that comes from experience of spending time in both places.  But my hatred went to a new level when Meg Ryan (love that new nickname for him) told us to “get the F… off our field” after their lucky win two years ago.  And note below that their fan base appreciated it.  Fitting.

2.    New Orleans “Bounty Hunters” Saints- Their nickname says it all.  How can you not hate a team that put money out to take out other teams best players.  People will say “it happens everywhere.”  False!  It may happen everywhere Greg Williams coaches but players don’t universally collect money from coaches for taking out the ankles of opposing teams.  And that classlessness starts at the top and isn’t changed by getting caught.  I also despise the way Drew Brees cheers his team before games, etc.  I think they are just a low-brow organization.  Give the Devil their due though, they are good and are our biggest threat in the upcoming season.  Brees is a Hall of Famer and the addition of Brandin Cooks (who they traded up ahead of us to grab) is frightening.  But a little parody makes for a great rivalry.  But don’t ever forget the clip below:

3.     Tampa Bay “when were they last relevant?” Bucs – My nickname makes them the underdog to win this poll.  But we do have a history with these guys and Greg Schiano was a great face person for this group.   Full of themselves but better in their own eyes that in reality. Always having a great offseason but not a regular season.  And I do remember the rivalry we had with them back in the Kris Jenkins days.  He and Warren Sapp hated one another.  Jenkins once said “I don’t like that guy, he stinks.  His breath stinks, heck even his soul stinks.”  And worse than Atlanta and even when this team is good, they too have trouble drawing flies.  Just like their original coach, I am in favor of this team’s execution.

4.    New England “Super Bowl Ring Stealers” Patriots - This is the only non-Divisional team to make the list.  Man do I hate this team.  And man, are they good.  You can’t argue with the success they have had since Drew Bledsoe had his lung collapse and in came Brady.  The reports of them video-taping our practices from area sky-scrapers during the Super Bowl practice week is enough to make anyone sick.  Yes, I want my dang ring back.  And as much as I hate the above teams, these guys get my vote because nothing is worse than a cheater.

5.     A fifth option for PantherNation in the C3 Poll is any team not mentioned above.  Who do you hate more than the above?  Dallas, San Fran, Seattle, Chicago, Oakland, Pittsburgh, Giants?  There are a lot of teams to hate.

So go vote PantherNation and let us know who riles you up the most and why.  And follow me, Erin Ford, aka Mel Mayock, on Twitter @PanthersDrafter. 

*Let me end though by saying yes there are good people even in the cities discussed above.  The hatred discussed is towards a team and at the end of the day is in good fun.  This is not condoning any violence.  It is a shame that has to be said, huh?  

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