For Fantasy Shame or Glory?

Fantasy Football is fun. The intense moments, thrilling wins, devastating losses, and tough decisions make for a interesting and multifaceted competition.  It makes football more enjoyable to watch, it makes being a fan more involved, and it makes all the games  matter.  There's a reason it has become so popular and ubiquitous, and one rapidly growing aspect of the game that exemplifies all of these qualities is the "Shame Bet."

Although the practice has a rich history, with a long and glorious tradition, it was made popular by The League a few years ago, and social media has made it a growing phenomenon.  Last year pictures started making their way around the internet of the guys who have a tattoo shame bet for the championship ever year, with the winner picking the loser's design, further upping the ante. Over the years I've had some interesting shame bets. I've gone a whole week wearing a fanny pack and a whole week wearing sunglasses with no lenses.  I've seen simple bets like letting your opponent choose your team name for a week, and I've seen hardcore bets like head shaving.  My personal favorite has to be the slap bet. I've done this three times, and I’ve only lost once.

Fantasy football and sports in general are even more fun when a bet is on the line. So I would encourage everyone to try a shame bet, no matter how crazy or tame, because lets face it, would you rather win twenty dollars, or slap your buddy in the face as hard as you can? I will admit that getting slapped stung for a few minutes, but the awesome glory of winning will last a lifetime.

Other Ideas

  • Wear pink clothing article for a week
  • Wear rival team clothing
  • Having to wear skinny jeans for a week
  • Eating something spicy ( like a wing challenge)
  • Forced karaoke, winner chooses song
  • Forced Designated Driver
  • Loser makes a Grinder Account
  • Loser shaves legs or armpits
  • Henna Tatoo bet
  • Shave eyebrows
  • Winner chooses loser's bumper sticker
  • Funny facial hair
  • Cinnamon challenge
  • Gallon milk chug