"I Like McNutt And I Cannot Lie"

The Panthers are going to have to have a wide receiver emerge from anonymity if 2014 is going to be special.  David Gettleman says the answer is often on your roster, well he had better be right or this 2014 team could easily go 8-8.  But I’m here to tell you that the answer is very likely on the roster and he was born on the Fourth of July in 1989.  Marvin McNutt is who I like to be what Victor Cruz was to the Giants a few years back.  This young man is 6’3, 195 lbs and is the all-time yardage leader for Iowa.  He averaged 17 yards per reception and racked up 28 TDs in his college career.  A man with that size and runs a 4.42 40 has the God-given ability to be special. Sometimes you just need a chance and this young man is going to get his.

He started out his career as a QB and threw two passes in his first game. One was for an interception.  He was quickly moved to receiver and that freshmen in 2009 went on to be the all-time leading receiver for Iowa.  He just has a way of showing up and getting better each time he is on the field. He even has a number one fan on twitter, check him out:  

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Take a look at the Panthers receivers and you see the rookie, Kelvin Benjamin who we have high hopes for and you have some old reliables.  Jericho Cotchery and Jason Avant are solid players and good people.  But they alone will not take our team to a championship.  But if in February we are talking about the rise of Marvin McNutt in the Panthers offense, then we will be talking about them picking 32nd in the 2015 Draft.  I like Marvin McNutt and I can not lie.  Bring on the comments.  And tell me what you think.  Follow me, Erin Ford, AKA Mel Mayock on Twitter at @PanthersDrafter and Keep Pounding.