Will Cam Newton Get Paid?

Cam NewtonAndy Dalton, quarterback for the Cincinnati Bengals received a six year, $115 million contract extension today. Last week, Dalton said that he was pretty confident he would get a new deal done; he sure did.  His deal is similar to Jay Cutler’s seven years, $126.7 million signed in January.

Cam Newton is under contract for the upcoming season, but the Carolina Panthers need to decide on whether or not to exercise his option for the 2015 season. If Dalton and Cutler are getting deals this big, how much should Cam Newton get when he signs a new contract with the Carolina Panthers?

How well were Cam Newton and Andy Dalton supposed to do in the NFL?

Cam Newton and Andy Dalton were both drafted in the 2011 NFL Draft. Newton was drafted number one overall by the Carolina Panthers and Dalton was drafted 35th by the Cincinnati Bengals. Newton had a lot of hype coming into the draft and Dalton was just seen as a proven winner, but was projected to struggle with the transition to the NFL.

Let’s compare Andy Dalton and Cam Newton:

Andy Dalton started his rookie year and brought his winning ways to the NFL. His record in the regular season is 30-15, and he has thrown 33 touchdowns, and 20 interceptions. The problem is his consistency and performance in the playoffs. There are some games where you think “Wow, he deserves this pay raise!” and then other games you are not sure Dalton should even be a starter. Dalton and the Bengals have made the playoffs every year that he has been the starting quarterback, but all three times they have been knocked out in the wild-card round. Is the fourth time going to be a charm? Overall he is a winner, but will his success translate to the playoffs?

Cam Newton
Cam Newton was the number one overall pick, so of course he started for the Panthers his rookie season.  Newton is a dual-threat quarterback who can run and throw the ball. His regular season record is 25-24 and he has thrown 64 touchdowns, and 42 interceptions. Newton struggles with his passing consistency, but can make up for it with his feet. Newton has 28 career rushing touchdowns and 2,032 rushing yards. He made his first playoff appearance last season against the 49ers last year, but he didn’t look confident of comfortable. Cam finished the game 16 of 25 with 267 yards, one touchdown, and two interceptions. It was a defensive battle, and the 49ers won. This is a bad memory I want to forget.

The Panthers team record has improved every year, so does this mean Newton is maturing and getting better? Absolutely! Cam Newton is still having fun, but he has worked, improved his accuracy, and is becoming the leader of this team. Cam Newton needs to play well in order for the Panthers to succeed. He is the face of the Panthers and deserves to get paid!  Andy Dalton’s contract ensures that Cam will land the big bucks. The question remains, just how much?

How much money does Cam Newton deserve?

By +Justin Raymond