My All-Time Carolina Panthers Squad

I'm sure every fan of the Carolina Panthers has had this discussion, in one form or another, with other fans.

"Who would you say are the all-time greats of the Carolina Panthers?"

Since this is the Panthers 20th anniversary as a franchise, the list is going to necessarily be somewhat short of HOF-level talent, but is rather a look at top players by position over the years. Also, a couple of people are in here for name-recognition and overall publicity's sake as much as anything - people know of them. 20 years isn't very long in the NFL...really only 2 "generations," if that, of playing time.

QB: Jake DelHomme

RBs: Stephen Davis, DeAngelo Williams*

WR1: Steve Smith (duh)
WR2: Mushin Muhammed
WR3: Ricky Proehl

LT: Jordan Gross
LG: Travelle Wharton
C: Ryan Kalil
RG: Kevin Donnalley
RT: Chris Terry

TE1: Wesley Walls
TE2: Greg Olsen

LDE: Julius Peppers
RDE: Mike Rucker (Big Money is a LDE and The Kraken is moving up rapidly here)
NT: Kris Jenkins
DT: Brentson Buckner

OLB: Kevin Greene
OLB: Thomas Davis
ILB: Dan Morgan
ILB: Luke Kuechly**

CB1: Chris Gamble
CB2: Eric Davis
CB3: Doug Evans

SS: Mike Minter
FS: Deon Grant

P: Todd Sauerbrun
K: John Kasay

KR: Michael Bates
KR2: He Hate Me

* Yes, 2 HBs. If you want a FB, go with Tolbert....he has a skill set as vast as his waistline.
** Sam Mills could well be one of the LBs, but with Kuechly's rapid rise and high level of play in his first two seasons, he gets the nod. Mills did play most of his career in New Orleans with his final 3 seasons in Charlotte.

Remember, Ricky Proehl had a 17-year career as well. Rod Smart's was much shorter but more publicized than Bates' was, largely in part to the single season in the "XFL" and the notoriety of his jersey I included them both for fun's sake.

I'll finish with lyrics to a song made before the Panthers were even a thought: Hit me with your best shot....Fire away!!!

Do YOU have a suggestion?

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