Practice Makes Perfect

Darrin ReavesAs I reminisce on the 2013 Carolina Panthers, I can’t help but get extremely excited about the upcoming season. Five more Sundays and regular season Panther football is back in action.

Now, I know that nothing is guaranteed and I know that no one can predict the outcome but there’s something about a new year that makes my heart smile.

Training camp and preseason football gives us the opportunity to see the potential of each individual player. We’re able to see the second, third, and fourth string players give their all in hopes of making the team. I feel for these guys; when they’re on the field, I can see their dreams hanging in the balance and one blown play may be the end.

I made the trip to Spartanburg over the weekend to get an up-close look at our 2014 Panthers. Despite the heat, the crowd was fantastic; fans dressed in their Sunday best – black, blue, and white jerseys, of course– made the trip to support our team and being in close proximity to other Panther fans made the upcoming season all the more real.

What excites me the most about preseason is finding that diamond in the rough; that one player that has the potential to learn and apply and just plain gets it; that one player that can make that transition from collegiate football to the NFL with pure grace.

After losing key veterans in the off-season, we have a new team and a new season to look forward to but these rookies have some big shoes to fill.

With the Panthers first preseason game less than a week away, what can we expect from this year’s preseason? What players will make that final 53-man roster? And will we be able to find that diamond in the rough?

Preseason starts Friday at Bank of America Stadium against the Bills and we’ll know the answers to these questions sooner rather than later.

By Tammi Carr