The Man with the Golden Gloves: Justin Hardy

C3 is always working hard to scout talent that we believe would help the Carolina Panthers in the future.  Often this talent is in our own backyard.  It's the reason we started the "Backyard Ballers" series last season. This season, C3 has gone further by launching the official "C3 Countdown 2 Justin Hardy" campaign, where hope to bring Freak Magic, aka "the Man with the Golden Gloves," to the Queen City.  Adding Hardy to the Panthers would compliment the gigantic Kelvin Benjamin and give Cam a new weapon in a clearly unsolidified receiving core.

Hardy's performance against NCCU was the most effortless 3 TD game a guy could have. He sat out nearly an entire offensive series in the first quarter.

ECU quarterback, Shane Carden, spread the ball around all night, but Freak Magic made his presence known when his number was called.  Beginning with a trick play where he threw a TD, Hardy worked the defensive zone, beat defenders one-on-one, and just did all night what any Backyard Baller is expected to do--Ball Out. What was particularly impressive about Hardy's performance was the economy of effort.  He didn't look to be working all that hard.  Not to say he wasn't giving his 100%, he just made it look easy. It was a cerebral performance, one that demonstrates his maturation as a player and understanding of the position.  The performance certainly kicked off the Justin Hardy to the Queen City campaign bang.

Here's a look at his stat sheet:


Shane Carden and Justin Hardy have had a clear chemistry for some time.  Here the Pirates looked to adjust the play, and then Justin Hardy well just climbed the ladder and made an insane grab. 

Hardy accelerates and feigns a corner feign route, instead button just inside the goal line.