C3 FANatics Open Discussion: What Do The Panthers Have To Do To Beat The Lions?

Wouldn't 2-0 sound incredibly good?  After years of slow starts, we have a chance to take the lead in the NFC South with a W coupled with a Falcons loss to the Bengals.  Which do you think is more critical to our success, dimming the wattage of the Lion's Megatron or Cam's performance? 

I'm going to say Cam's performance is more important.  Calvin is going to get his, we just have to try to make it take time for their plays to develop.  This will give us a shot or two at sacking Stafford.  And I think we will have to play a bend-but-don't-break style of D anyway.  But if Cam is immobile and ineffective, we lose.  If he is Superman, then when asked if I think we can win, my answer is:  Yes we Cam!