Carolina Panthers: Fantasy Football Projections Week 1

We all know that this is the best time of the year because football is finally here! If football is back that means it is time to play Fantasy Football! What is there not to love about Fantasy Football? You get to pick your players, manage your team, and talk trash with your friends. This “sport” does a great job at building your pride.

Why should you trust me when it comes to Fantasy Football predictions? Because I know what I am talking about! I have been participating in Fantasy Football leagues since 2007. I have managed over 30 teams and have been a commissioner and am currently a commissioner. I read all the articles and watch all of the fantasy football shows. I guess you can say that I am addicted to fantasy football.

I currently have five teams and did not have the first pick in any of my leagues. My best draft spot was third and I drafted Peyton Manning. My worst draft spot was 9th and I picked up Jimmy Graham. But, I do have a player in common on all of my teams and this is Kelvin Benjamin. According to ESPN, Benjamin is the 200th ranked player so he is always overlooked. I have been lucky enough to get a starting wide receiver with the last pick in my draft!

As a Carolina Panthers fan, I like to have at least one player on my team from the Panthers. But, the question is which Panthers player should you be starting against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers?

Here are my fantasy point projections for the Carolina Panthers this week:
Kelvin Benjamin: 12 pts (60 yards, 1 Touchdown)
Cam Newton: 19 pts (275 Yards, 2 Touchdowns)
DeAngelo Williams: 8 pts (80 total yards)
Tolbert: 9 pts (30 yards, 1 touchdown)
Olsen: 13 pts (70 yards, 1 touchdown)
Benjamin will get the most targets this week and Newton will look to Olsen in the redzone. The Buccaneers defense might have a field day with the Panthers offensive line. So, if you have another quarterback on your roster, I would play him over Cam Newton. Tolbert may get a goal line touchdown and DeAngelo is going to struggle against the Tampa Bay defense.  I believe that the safest play this week is either Greg Olsen or Kelvin Benjamin

Which Panthers are you starting this week?

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