Carolina Panthers: Fantasy Football Projections Week 2

Did you win your first fantasy football match up? I hope you did and then bragged all about. I sure did!

I know I am supposed to be talking about fantasy football but I would like to just take a minute to celebrate the Carolina Panthers week one victory. Let’s take our minute now..……….. Alright, it is now time to talk about fantasy football!

Let’s go over my week one projections and see how I did:

Week One Projections:
  • Kelvin Benjamin: 12 pts (60 yards, 1 Touchdown)
  • Cam Newton: 19 pts (275 Yards, 2 Touchdowns)
  • DeAngelo Williams: 8 pts (80 total yards)
  • Mike Tolbert: 9 pts (30 yards, 1 Touchdown)
  • Greg Olsen: 13 pts (70 yards, 1 Touchdown)

Week One Results (According to ESPN):
  • Kelvin Benjamin: 15 pts (92 yards, 1 Touchdown)
  • Cam Newton: DNP
  • DeAngelo Williams: 7 pts (72 yards)
  • Mike Tolbert: 1 pt (11 yards)
  • Greg Olsen: 14 pts (83 yards, 1 Touchdown)

Week One Review:

If you look at the final results I did a good job with my week one predictions. Cam Newton did not play so please don’t count that one against me. My projections were almost dead on for Benjamin, Olsen and D-Will, but I was not even close with Tolbert. It is always make or break with Tolbert, he gets the goal line touches.

So who should you be starting for week two?

The Carolina Panthers are playing the Detroit Lions so it will be another tough week for our running backs. The Lions defensive line is very dominant and can put pressure on the quarterback. This will mean that Cam Newton will have to make plays with his feet and arm.

My week two fantasy football projections:
  • Cam Newton: 27 pts (275 Yards, 2 Passing Touchdowns, 20 rushing yards, 1 Touchdown)
  • Kelvin Benjamin: 16 pts (105 yards, 1 Touchdown)
  • DeAngelo Williams: 7 pts (75 yards)
  • Mike Tolbert: 8 pts ( 20 yards, 1 Touchdown)
  • Greg Olsen: 15 pts (95 yards, 1 Touchdown)
My recommendations:

It is Cam Newton’s first game of the season so if you have him, play him! Greg Olsen and Kelvin Benjamin should be in your starting lineup because the Carolina Panthers will have to throw to be successful this week on offense. I recommend not starting the running backs this week.

Sleeper Pickup:

I think that Jerricho Cotchery is a good sleeper pick going forward because his targets could increase throughout the season. The NFL defenses don’t know how good Benjamin is so they are only covering him with one man. Once teams see how deadly he is as a receiver, they will move the safety over to try to prevent him from making the big play. This will open up space for Cotchery, and Newton will look his way.

Do you have any fantasy football questions?

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