Carolina Panthers: Fantasy Football Projections Week 4

I really think that this past week was a fantasy. But not a good fantasy because the Pittsburgh Steelers destroyed the Carolina Panthers. The Steelers came into our house and pushed us around, but they didn’t just push us, they ran over us and threw around us. I just hope that when we go visit Steve Smith we show him some southern hospitality. Sorry I had to do some complaining before moving forward.

My fantasy football team is 3-0! This week is tough though because five of the players on my team have a bye week. If you are wondering who I have, I have three Broncos (Peyton Manning, Montee Ball, Emmanuel Sanders) in my starting lineup. This bye week gives me the opportunity to plug in Kelvin Benjamin who is on my bench. He should have another strong week!

What is going to happen in fantasy football this week for the Carolina Panthers?

My Week Four Projections:
·        Cam Newton: 18 pts (250 passing yards, 2 touchdowns)
·        Kelvin Benjamin: 15 pts (90 yards, 1 Touchdown)
·        DeAngelo Williams: 16 pts (100 yards, 1 Touchdown)
·        Greg Olsen: 12 pts (60 yards, 1 Touchdown)
·        Panthers Defense:  13 pts

My week four recommendations:
You must start Greg Olsen and Kelvin Benjamin this week and every week. The Panthers defense should rebound and play well against the Ravens. DeAngelo Williams is the only healthy running back on the Panthers, so he will get a lot of touches, and should rack up some points. Cam Newton is still injured and I don’t know how well the offensive line will protect him on Sunday. I would start another running back over Newton this week.

Week Three Review:
The biggest surprise to me this week was how bad the Carolina Panthers defense played. They allowed 37 points to the Pittsburgh Steelers, who could not score a touchdown against the Baltimore Ravens. This will not happen again to the Panthers, keep them in your starting lineup. Cam Newton was on the ground a lot and did not have time to make many throws. His stats were not strong due to the lack of protection from the offensive line and no run support. My predictions for Kelvin Benjamin and Greg Olsen were fairly accurate. You can count on them to continue to average at least 10.0 fantasy points per week. Do not start the Panthers running backs until they are a sure thing. Do not waste a fantasy pickup on anyone in their backfield.

What were my week three fantasy football projections?
·        Cam Newton: 20 pts (250 passing yards, 20 rushing yards, 2 touchdowns)
·        Kelvin Benjamin: 13 pts (70 yards, 1 Touchdown)
·        DeAngelo Williams or Jonathan Stewart: 15 pts (90 yards, 1 Touchdown)
·        Mike Tolbert: 6 pts (1 touchdown, or 60 yards)
·        Greg Olsen: 10 pts (40 yards, 1 Touchdown)
·        Panthers Defense:  12 pts

Week Three Results (According to ESPN):
·        Cam Newton: 12 pts (250 Yards, 1 Touchdown)
·        Kelvin Benjamin: 17 pts (8 receptions, 115 yards, 1 Touchdown)
·        DeAngelo Williams: DNP
·        Mike Tolbert: 2 pts (4 rushing yards)
·        Greg Olsen: 12 pts (5 receptions, 69 yards, 1 Touchdown)
·        Panthers Defense: -7 pts

Are you starting any Carolina Panthers this week?

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